In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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Sun Set Swablu
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It seems SILPH has been messing around with changing pokemon...this swablu escaped the lab and is now wandering around in Route 1! It has not been causing Issues, but it seems scared and the person reporting it would like someone nice to catch the poor thing. It seems to know the move Morning Sun for some odd reason.
Restrictions: NEVER attack the pokemon EVER!
If you roll this pokemon, PLEASE notify the head admin, Kat

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 GREENE, Caleb - Male, Rebel

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PostSubject: GREENE, Caleb - Male, Rebel   GREENE, Caleb - Male, Rebel Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 12:03 am

Name Caleb Greene
Age: 16
Gender Male
Occupation Rebel
Personality: Caleb is a boy of few words; he's very distrustful of everybody and everything he meets, and always does his best to avoid contact when possible. He has a phobia of Pokemon in general, generally running away whenever he sees one of them baring its teeth, growling, or doing anything he finds threatening. He never lets out more than one Pokemon unless it's absolutely necessary, and always keeps a close eye on them - more for his protection than theirs. He's unable to see his Pokemon as equals, or even intelligent beings, though he knows that being malevolent wouldn't make them like (and consequently protect) him.
Despite being a rebel under the command of SILPH, Caleb has no true devotion to the cause he fights for, and would kill a fellow rebel if he thought it would further his own (currently nonexistent) goals.
Appearance: Caleb is fairly thin for his age; he weighs in at 128 lbs and is 5'4" tall. He has pale white skin; a short, stubby nose; dark brown hair that almost reaches his shoulders; and complementary brown eyes. He tends to wear dark clothing, and is rarely seen without his dark-blue cap. When travelling, he always brings his dark blue backpack which holds books, a knife, a lighter, cigarettes (which he uses as currency on the road) and his trainer gear (which is always placed at the bottom to avoid suspicion). It should be noted that there's a clearly identifiable birthmark on the back of his neck, which he usually hides with his hair.
History: Born six years before the Perish Day as the first child of Samantha and Tyler Greene, Caleb was raised in an atheist, cynical environment. Samantha and Tyler constantly discouraged their children from going near any Pokemon, which eventually led to Caleb's phobia of Pokemon. It did nothing, however, to discourage his ten year old brother, Joshua, from joining SILPH. One month after Caleb's brother ran away from home, word reached the Greene family that he was killed during a mission.
It was in respect for Joshua that Caleb joined SILPH despite his phobia and his parents' insistence to stay away. He has recently received his starter Pokemon as well as one of his brother's Pokemon, but has yet to start training either of them.
Character Type: NUZLOCKE.

Pokemon Name: None
Pokemon Level: 5
Pokemon Species: Bulbasaur
Pokemon Move Set: Tackle (birth) and Growl (level 3)
Pokemon Ability: Overgrow
Pokemon Nature/Personality: Bold.
This Bulbasaur is a very determined little thing, always taking on any challenges that come its way with complete disregard for its safety. It is already used to human contact and is already trained to follow commands made by Caleb.
Pokemon Gender: Male

Pokemon Name: Lola
Pokemon Level: 5
Pokemon Species: Nincada
Pokemon Move Set: Scratch (Birth), Harden(Birth), Leech Life (Level 5) and Night Slash (Birth)
Pokemon Ability: Compoundeyes
Pokemon Nature/Personality: Timid
Lola is a timid Nincada, and is unused to battle. She is often unsure of how to handle situations, and panics easily. Unlike Bulbasaur, Lola is unused to human contact, and is suspicious of her new trainer, who seems to have come from nowhere and claims to be her old trainer's brother.
Pokemon Gender: Female

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PostSubject: Re: GREENE, Caleb - Male, Rebel   GREENE, Caleb - Male, Rebel Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 2:30 am

Congratulations, your character has been approved!
Proceed to creating your Character Records.

Extra Note:

As part of the recent site rewards for Beta Testers,
this user has been granted 2 pokemon of his choice for any of his characters.
He has used one reward pokemon in this application.

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GREENE, Caleb - Male, Rebel
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