In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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PostSubject: SHIROMA, Drekar - Male, Mercenary   SHIROMA, Drekar - Male, Mercenary Icon_minitimeSun Sep 22, 2013 5:35 pm

Name: Drekar Shiroma
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mercenary
Drekar holds the virtues of temperance and patience very near and dear to his heart. He is not a guy to rush things, or a guy to make snap-judgments about someone; nor is he the sort of guy who goes through life looking for a fight (though he does enjoy it when it comes around to it). He knows when to pick his battles and when to strategize. He knows to leave Pokémon battles to the Pokémon and human battles to the humans. Armed with perseverance and a will to win that just won’t quit, he will prove with time an invaluable asset to any team. He wants to fight. He loves to fight.

But only when necessary, only when his cold, hard-headed logic that gives him a clear sense of what he should do tells him too do so. Outside of “battle mode,” Drekar is a remarkably quiet, even-natured, patient man, with a deeply-held desire to meet others, though he is not social in the strictest sense. He will let the world come to him, but he very rarely goes to the world. If asked, it is much easier to meet others on their own terms when they are ready. He has a sort of steady natural charisma, and a tendency to be remarkably persuasive. When he can be forced to speak, Drekar is a guy you want to listen to, and a guy you want to do things for. He doesn’t command, he suggests – and in the most innocuous way possible, so that people think the ideas are all their own.

This isn’t to say he doesn’t have a sense of humor or a playful side (or emotions in general) – Drekar is a well-natured, cheerful beast, almost always appearing with his crooked grin or half smirk that masks his emotions to the outer world. He takes jokes well, though he rarely plays any of his own, and has a thorough love for music. The jury is still out on whether or not Drekar will sing in public but rest assured that Drekar does sing – and if you manage to sneak up on him hearing it, he doesn’t do half bad. He has a gentle, playful sense of humor, likely to make gentle jokes but unlikely to tease, and is impossibly difficult to rattle. He can be upset or distressed, but he is very rarely angered. Those who do manage it find him a completely different person – protective, vicious, and terrifying.

It is very rare that one might see the 'real' Drekar, however, or that one might know what he's actually thinking or feeling. Years of training under his father's iron eye have given Drekar an iron mask that allows him to be whatever his brain decides he should be for the moment- serious, happy, sad, playful. Masks, all masks. He only allows himself to feel what he deems necessary for the moment, what is needed or will keep him going. His success at this is sometimes varying, but regardless, it takes a very special person to pierce his shell, especially since Drekar is so much a part of his masks, and they of him, that he's lost the distinction. Where does the mask end, and the true Drekar begin? He wouldn't expect others to know, Drekar doesn't even know himself. In a small way, maybe he fears it. What kind of person is he is, under all those thousands of layers upon layers, built up over the years as sort of a self protection? Drekar almost doesn't want to know, though a secret part of him longs for knowing who he truly is. This is, in Drekky's opinion, his greatest weakness. He longs to have the connection with others he sees between other people, but he just can't allow himself to show too much emotion, in fear that those who see the real him will be disgusted and turn away.

In fact, trust issues would be the biggest problems of Drekar. Aside from being convinced that others would hate the real him, Drekar often wonders if any act of friendship that might be performed for him is just that- an act. He's often convinced that those who are actually friendly with him are only being so out of pity- and pity is one thing Drekar loathes. In a way, that almost makes him loathe himself, as self-pity is...annoying. Fortunately, these periods of self-pity are few and long-between. Regardless of which, Drekar, while always appearing with either a smirk or an expressionless stone mask, is always wondering how many others around him wear masks, like he does.

Apart from being afraid to emotionally invest himself for anyone or anything, Drekar doesn't even know if he can. The mask he presents to the world- his charming, charismatic self, has taken over. Not only would he be terrified of letting that mask down, he doesn't even know how he'd go about it. Being his public self in front of others has become a habit for a Drekar, or even a necessity.

Well, regardless of his own self doubts, Drekar is satisfied enough right now with life. Anyway, he doesn't have time for self pity or cowardice. He aims to accomplish his goals, and accomplish them he shall.

One word catches your mind the moment you look at him. Albino. Drekar has “oculocutaneous albinism II.” (OCA2) (Referred to here, here, and here), which results in his hair and skin being devoid of pigment and his eyes sadly sensitive to brighter lights. Drekar's skin is a pale white color, without so much  as a tan line on his pale form. Despite his paler complexion, his lean frame shows muscles, not bulky, but well toned.  Drekar is considered dainty, despite those muscles. It could be his long and lean frame, with long arms and legs, still, of course, pale white in coloring.

His eyes, large and light red (could be mistaken for pink), are spaced evenly apart, his nose is dainty and feminine, it's as if his whole body is trying to conspire against him and make him a woman. His hair is feathery flopping down to just at his ears, and is a silvery white color. It is extremely soft to the touch, much like baby's hair. A pair of thin glasses that he has perched on his nose (sometimes) help combat the meh  vision (Thanks, albinism). While Drekar can go without glasses if he so chooses or needs to, bright lights tend to discomfort him.

Almost as if he wants to accentuate his condition, Drekar tends to dress in  a white trim outfit, a tightly fitted jacket and a pair of skinny(ish) pants. The only color on him would be the neat black trim and red tie of his top, and his brown, made for heavy walking, shoes. Often hidden by his long sleeves, on his right shoulder, Drekar has a star shaped tattoo on his right shoulder in blackish to red gradient, dark enough to contrast sharply against his skin. When the mon is on a mission and needs to go unseen, he will tint his skin dark with charcoal and wear a long heavy black cloak. Using a mix of charcoal and berry dies, the albino can, at least temporarily, sneak around under the guise of a certainly-not-albino person.

When he walks, Drekar stands straight and proud, owning every inch of his height, with shoulders squared and his weight perfectly balanced across his body, just one of the visible signs of his training. When at a standstill, Drekar's pose immediately becomes more relaxed, he almost looks as if he is slouching forwards, a common resting position for the martial arts he's been trained in. He stands with one foot relaxing gently in front of the other, and his hands often remain at his side. Drekar usually crouches when he sits, though he'll also sit cross legged. When he's not worried or tense at all, Drekar will switch sitting positions entirely, so he's sprawled leaning back on the ground, supported by the palms of his hands, stretching his long legs out in front of him.

Elric occupied most of his life, starting from the early twenties, working as an operative for the government. Elric was a solitary man and planned to keep his job until either death or maim took him out of commission. Human relations were for civilians, in his humble opinion, and this man loved his job. What he didn't expect was to fall in love during what was to be a quick mission in the core. Elric, 28 at the time, was sent along with several others to help track down an group of poachers in Rigaudon. Since they knew that tracking down such a group was more of a long-term challenge, Elric and his team came to the core in the guise of performers and acrobats, stopping for a rest before going on to perform in the Capital. It seemed the best plan to avoid the suspicions of their target.

During his stay, Elric found himself frequently crossing paths with the witty Sonya, high born daughter of a wealthy couple and a pokemon Breeder. Sonya was a resident of Rigaudon, but in no way connected to the poachers. It didn't take long for the two to fall in love- Elric's love of mysteries combined with Sonya's sassyness made for a perfect couple. Eventually, Elric did end up telling Sonya his true identity and purpose of his visit, but by then he had her well sworn to secrecy and that was that. By the end of the summer, however, the poachers were caught and accounted for, and it was with extreme reluctance that Elric bid Sonya farewell and left for his next mission.

A month later, Elric received word that Sonya was pregnant. Well this certainly put a twist to things. The man spent the next few years sending most or all of his earnings to Sonya to provide for the young child, who Sonya had named Drekar after her own great grandfather. Elric assumed this would do well enough, though he still did love Sonya, he loved his job and his life as an unattached man more. He managed to continue like this until Drekar was two. Elric had just completed a rather dangerous mission which had almost cost him his life, and he was now starting to rethink life a bit. Within the month, Elric had retired from his job in the government and had moved back to the core, where Sonya was more than happy to accept him into her life. The couple's wedding was a small and informal affair, with only nearby residents attending.

The young Drekar had almost no trouble accepting the new man into his life, accepting Elric without a trace of jealousy. Probably because his mother had been feeding him stories about his amazing father his entire life, but Drekar had always considered it a given that he would meet Elric and his father would move in with him eventually. By now, the young boy was three.

When Drekar turned five, tragedy struck. Sonya while out in the fields, was attacked by a plagued charizard, not for any reason, simply because it was looking for a battle. Sonya was badly mauled, and despite the treatments of the best healers her parent's and Elric's money could buy, she quickly passed away.

Drekar was, of course, devastated, but the loss really seemed to break something within Elric. The man had somehow become convinced that the Charizard was sent by the government as punishment for him quitting the forces.  The bitter former-seeker denounced the government as scum and traitors and stomped away from the town, never to return. It was when he came back to his son did a certain criminal organization of rogues send him a message, offering Elric a spot among them - an opportunity for revenge in exchange for insider information on the land.

And with this change, Drekar's new life began. His father was often away on 'business', so the boy spent much of his young life in the house of his wealthy grandparents. When Elric was home, however, the man spent every moment teaching Drekar to fight, with sword, dagger, any weapon the man could get his hands on. The father was relentless in teaching his son, determined that Drekar would become the ultimate fighting machine. When Elric had to leave for 'business', he gave Drekar another task, entrusting the boy with three of his hand-trained fighting types. "Study these pokemon. Learn how they fight. If they can do it, so can you"

As such, when he wasn't being taught to use a weapon by his father, Drekar was being taught hand-to-hand combat with Elric's Mienshao, Hitmonlee, and Sawk. The three fighting type pokemon were just as hard on Drekar as his father was, teaching him like one of their own to fight just as well without a weapon as he could fight with one.

Drekar at first resented his father for the vigorous training. The boy was quiet, more studious in nature, and would have spent his days studying if he could. However, as the years went by, he slowly began to take a liking to the constant fighting, enjoyed it even. It was something he was good at, and something his father highly encouraged in him. When Drekar turned 12, Elric hired a special artist and healer to give his son a tattoo, a reward for his hard work and perhaps the only time Elric had anything to give Drekar but harsh criticism and orders to work harder. Throughout these years, Elric kept his new job as a criminal lord hidden from his parents in law and son, choosing instead to tell his family he had taken up Sonya's job as a breeder.

Despite the harsh training, Drekar lived a happy life. The other children of Rigaudon alienated him at times, at first because his albino skin led them to believe he was possessed by spirits, and later because he was rumored to have a crazy father, but Drekar still made a few friends among them, and even befriended a wild Yamask whom he had taken to calling "Mom", as it reminded him a lot of his late mother. (This may have possibly contributed negatively to his popularity in the village). Despite these few oddities, Drekar was known from quite an early age to be a well behaved, quiet boy, even if he was "possessed by spirits", and most of the village at least tolerated him.

When Drekar was 16, Elric began teaching his son more questionable things. How to pick locks, how to move about in the shadows without being seen. The best ways to kill and to hide the bodies. How to lie and be believed in a lie. How to disguise himself so that he wouldn't immediately picked out as the albino in a crowd. In this, Elric employed the help of a Mismagius and Mighteyena he had raised and trained since joining the rogues, ordering both pokemon to train Drekar to be just as ruthless as they were.

Eventually, however, all men aged. When Drekar was 18, Elric returned home, fatally wounded from a mission. The man lay in bed for weeks, growing worse with each passing day. When Elric knew that death was imminent, he called Drekar to his bedside. There, Elric told the truth of his secret life to Drekar. Elric handed Drekar a few pokeballs and potions-his only inheritance- and told the albino he was proud of him. Those were the last words Drekar ever heard his father speak, and the first time the man had anything but criticism to say for Drekar. Elric was dead within a week.

Not an hour after his father's death, Drekar had packed up and left the house ready to join S.I.L.P.H. He would find them, and strive to become an even greater legend among the group than his father was among the rogues. He would make Elric proud.

(The journey would begin when Drekar is 27, 9 years after he first joined S.I.L.P.H and 1 year after the group is founded)


Character Type
Nuzlocke. Oh yes >:D

Pokemon Name: Sonata
Pokemon Level: 5
Pokemon Species: Eevee
Pokemon Move Set: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand (starting moves) Wish (Egg Move)
Pokemon Ability: Run Away and Adaptability (Natural)
Pokemon Nature/Personality:
Pokemon Gender: Female

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PostSubject: Re: SHIROMA, Drekar - Male, Mercenary   SHIROMA, Drekar - Male, Mercenary Icon_minitimeSun Sep 22, 2013 6:08 pm

Extra comments: Very nice! Love the detail!

Character has been ACCEPTED!
Remember to go HERE to create your Character Records and keep track of your character's progress, then let your journey, BEGIN!

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