In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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 Sympho Region History

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PostSubject: Sympho Region History   Sympho Region History Icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 6:29 am

~ A grand Crescendo will always have an unfortunate Subito ~

The region of Sympho was known for its peace and equality. It was open to all regions, not paying mind to any differences between beliefs, politics, or race. Although highly underappreciated, they were still regarded as one of the most hospitable regions in the pokemon world. And it doesn't stop there- Sympho was also known for its wonderful locations that could be inhabited by nearly every type of pokemon, diverse culture, and most of all, their amazing music. They practiced nearly every type of music from folk to rock and roll. However, their most prominent and beloved original pieces were under their classic and orchestra genres. That is, after all, how they got their official name.

The region remained prosperous and accommodating for many years. They evolved into a modern country filled with the newest technologies, and even contributed with their own inventions as well. Symphonian Scientists were soon known far and wide; It was no surprise that soon, many other regions had begun supporting and demanding their studies and inventions to continue. They expanded their research to Pokemon, and not just the simple Pokedex-oriented observations. Pokemon anatomy, mutations, forced evolutions; they found no boundaries in their endeavors. But that was not enough for them. From Rattatas and Patrats, they began delving farther into more complex pokemon. Before long, they managed to dig up an old tune that would apparently awaken one of the region's most valued pokemon: Meloetta.

Project Volume had been created in order to summon the musical myth- and it succeeded. The Symphonian Scientists had found Meloetta and, thanks to their advanced technology, they managed to capture it. They performed various tests on it in hopes of making it use its voice for their bidding. But this time, they did not have the fortune to succeed. The mutated Meloetta had managed to escape after years of torment.

Traumatized, angry, and filled with pain, the Psychic type vowed its revenge upon humanity. On the night of June 21 (Now known as ‘The Perish Day’), it reached the peak of the region. With its built up hatred and power, it unleashed the deadliest Perish Song it could muster, hoping to wipe out the entire population with a melody of death. The area stood silent for a moment. The sky darkened, not because of the malevolent tune, but because of the sudden large flock of Murkrow and Honchkrow flying above the region. The natives below could only watch with shock before the aftermath of the attack finally struck.

Its distorted voice corrupted many of the pokemon, along with destroying several towns nearby. But the greatest destruction it brought was in the nearby Laboratory. By an unfortunate stroke of luck, that particular Laboratory had been one of the most vital facilities there were, and was also one of the biggest. The facility broke down to shambles, unleashing the deadly toxins they had kept inside. The mixture was deadly enough to kill off whoever had lived nearby, but it did not stop there. Surviving pokemon and humans were mutated by the chemicals, and were soon reduced to mindless, bloodthirsty, walking corpses.

With several plagues breaking out, most of the Sympho region was destroyed, along with several other neighboring regions where the diseases had spread. But there were still survivors. The remaining civilians adapted to their new environment, regaining territory and spreading their numbers once more. While they weren't able to cover the entirety of the region, they had managed to secure a large chunk of land. They created the Walls; large, near-indestructible barricades that kept most of the Infected away from civilization. Panic died down, and soon peace was restored. The civilians lived in the safety of the walls, and in the safe hands of their pokemon-taming specialists.

But of course, that did not last. Soon trainers, who had been known for clearing out zombies and protecting towns, began to start capturing and training Plagued pokemon. Custom pokeballs created by advanced trainers were soon distributed to the Trainer population. Many deaths occurred during this new trend, but the act of capturing infected Pokemon soon became a frequent process for most trainers. Plagued pokemon were soon found to have extra strengths and abilities- proving to be even more useful in the duties of a Trainer than normal pokemon. The Sympho government soon got word of this, and immediately put their new findings to use.

Trainers were forcibly taken away from their homes and families, and were made to start training in the military. They learned how to train Infected pokemon more efficiently, along with battle and survival tactics. The government made them participate in many, many horrible wars. Many lives were lost in the struggle for victory, territory, and supplies. Sympho flourished off the remaining resources of defeated regions, but that didn’t convince the trainers. They knew what they were doing was wrong, and they had to put a stop to it.

The day came when the camps were breached, releasing the trainers who had been kept for several years. The Mercenaries formed an organization called S.I.L.P.H (Seeking Integrity, Liberty, Prosperity, and Honor) to revolt against the government. They wanted freedom, and they were going to go against all odds in order to obtain it. They go as far as researching to create a new plague, and take advantage of it along with the others to take down this "horrid" government and use pokemon for power.

The government, however, did not fall. They formed a special force called S.E.E.K (Symphonian Emissary for Eutaxy and Kritarchy) to put the region back to order and to obliterate S.I.L.P.H. A law was given that caused Trainer activity such as capturing and training pokemon to be forbidden. Pokemon Centers were turned into Clinics that only served for humans, Pokemon Marts no longer received supplies for trainers, and Gyms were converted into Stations made to work as Counsel buildings and training areas for Seekers. Trainers were shunned, beaten, and captured by townspeople who feared for their own lives. The S.E.E.K organization was not a merciful one, and casualties of towns being punished were far from lies. But the S.I.L.P.H did not give up. To this day, they have operatives and volunteers spread about the region, hidden but always ready to accommodate new trainers who would assist in their rebellion. Even the Station Leaders are willing to act equal, accommodating both Seekers and Trainers.

However, S.E.E.K searches for a cure to these diseases. They realized their mistake, and decided to simply create war machines instead of turning living beings into them. The created thousands upon thousands of robots, that escaped during an attack from S.I.L.P.H. S.E.E.K was forced into a law that prevents them from capturing the plagued pokemon, though the robots were still fair game.

With S.E.E.K fighting against the S.I.L.P.H for the development and safety of the region, and the S.I.L.P.H fighting for freedom and their rights as Trainers, Sympho was caught in the middle of both an internal and external war. Now, 10 years after these organizations were established, the region’s fate rests in your hands. The Elite Four have gone missing outside the Wall, most likely to continue their project of finding a cure. Even the government has no trace of them, and because of their known power, both S.E.E.K and S.I.L.P.H are in a desperate race to convince them to participate on their sides.
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Sympho Region History
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