In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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 Why are We Still Here?[Nuzlocke]

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PostSubject: Why are We Still Here?[Nuzlocke]   Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:20 pm

A girl with long tree-bark-brown hair wandered about in the forest, she had been stranded out here for a while now...Was she ever going to be free of this forest with messy floor? Her pants were filthy with dirt and grass stains from the foliage. She heaved a sigh of depression, before trying to cheer herself up by looking on the brighter side of things: She was able to see a lovely sunrise, which was still occurring and painting the sky in colors of pink and purple, she managed to return Saix back to his pokeball, which was a difficult feat, and she HAD to be somewhere near the exit now! She just HAD to be!

She wandered about for what seemed like HOURS, coming across not a single living soul. Not even one pokemon was sighted, which was not all that uncommon considering that pokemon would prefer to stay away from humans nowadays since the disease had infected the region. Kiara knew little of the disease, only that it was bad, and powerful. She had learned a little bit about it when she had met Collin and Tammie, members of SILPH, who she too was a part of though not by any real choice.

Kiara decided to stop wandering around aimlessly for a while, and rest. She leaned back against a tree and lowered herself down. She looked up at the small tree that gave her shade from the harsh sun, its leaves were a brilliant green and its branches thin. She wondered if she could climb up and maybe have a look around. She stood up, but stopped, realizing that it was only a sapling. It would not be able to support her weight. Today...was just not her day. This week, was just not her week as well...
This dice is not existing.
Kat carried out 1 launched of one Plague (Image not informed.) :

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Posts : 154
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PostSubject: Re: Why are We Still Here?[Nuzlocke]   Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:48 pm


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Why are We Still Here?[Nuzlocke]
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