In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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 Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance!

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Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance! Empty
PostSubject: Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance!   Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 04, 2013 12:10 am

Name: Riley Sagato
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Occupation: Breeder
Personality: Riley had turned into a silent person. Having lost his fun-loving personality, he became paranoid from the death of Avery, believing constantly that any thing he befriends, will eventually be killed because of, or indirectly by himself. Unlike before, he is much more careful, refusing to even think of a plan that doesn't have around a 90% or higher chance of working. The only bond he actually trusts is between him and Lucia (actually he worries that it would betray Avery) which he as well fears that he will lose it as well, breaking the last thread before he shuts down from emotional loss. He only uses his abilities in absolute emergencies, since it reminds him to much about the pain he caused and feels now because of it.
Appearance: Riley has messy, unkempt blonde hair, that has frayed multiple times without having the chance to heal. His skin is grimy, but his face seems to have a permanent frown, etched across his face. Riley actually seems slightly older than his age, seemingly lost his youth with the constant tragedies that never heal. His green eyes are sullen and dark, with little life reflected in them. He wears plain clothing, the cheapest he can buy, and will often go long times with just 1 or 2 sets, until he really needs to get new ones. He carries a backpack at all times, which is worn and threadbare in places due to overuse.
History:Riley was born into a family of psychics in Goldenrod City, who were poor, but extremely good in predicting the future, and reading minds-however could barely move the lightest of boxes. On the day he was born, the eldest predicted however that he would be different, in fact the exact opposite. He was to be strong in the physical area-like telekinesis, but weak in the telepathic area. His parents were interested in having a "well-rounded" psychic group, and started training him as much as possible at a young age at their level of ability in the area which he was "destined" to be. It was apparent at age 5, that Riley was far beyond their learning, whenever he was hungry he would take some cookies which were propped high up in an attempt to stop him from eating it to no avail. Finally when they felt as if he couldn't be trained more, they attempted to ship him off to Saffron to learn from Sabrina. They took him to Safforn and told him to wait and walked back planing for one of the psychics to take him to the gym. However in the young boy's eyes as his parents walked in the train and were about to leave, they were going to abandon him, and in his anger and sadness he caused the passenger carts to move and as they were ripped off the tracks, the carts with all the people in it started ramming into everything, smashing in the walls repeatedly before finally falling on the ground in an exhausted heap. From all the energy he exerted Riley passed out, but his parents fared far worse. They along with around another 100 people died in the train as it was tossed around.
The words of the elder seemed to resonate in the air:
Born different from the others,
Massive strength caused loss of mind.
However with strength comes with a cost.
Severing lives, scarring lots.

The last few lines which were ignored came back to haunt them long after their mistakes were made.When he finally awoken from his long nap, Riley was put in prison, for even by accident he killed many people. Underestimating his power, when they came back to bring him to court, there was a hole in the wall-it was made for psychics of some-what okay power to ensure that they couldn't escape. Searching for the 7 year old boy, wanted by everyone and disowned by his family he ran to Vermilion City and told one of his first lies, that he was lost and orignally from Lillycove-the boat said that it was headed towards there-and tricked him into taking him out of Johto into Hoenn. The news haven't reached the area yet, and for a while he was safe-nobody knew him, nor see him for maybe a glance. Soon the young boy grew hungry, and like he would with a cookie using the smallest amount of power possible, steal from homes food and materials needed for living. However the news reached Hoenn and even though they rarely seen him directly, the people were suspicious of the small blur with hair that could have been blond that dashed around the city, and nobody claimed the boy as theirs. Finally at 8 he left, but by then got the basic rules of survival down. Riley ran down Route 121, without knowing where the next city, when he encountered a Wingull. Thinking the "poor defenseless" boy needed someone to help him, the Wingull took him to Lavaridge, where he was taken in by the one of the elders by keeping up his ruse. After a while, the somewhat quiet town bored him and to cause "excitement" Riley took the mud and dug a small hole, and started making a sandcastle just a bit away from the trench. A person came by and kindly looked at the young boy and he walked closer, before tripping in the hole and landed face-first in the ground. Riley barely talked his way out of punishment, claiming it wasn't his fault and it must have happened before since you couldn't see that there was a hole from the perspective that he was at. Figuring out that he could do many things without them knowing it started developing his trickster like personality. At age 14 almost everyone had been pranked by him, including himself, to redirect the attention away from himself. At that point, the people were used to it, and even joking about the pranks sometimes. Somewhere in their hearts they in a way knew that it was him, but they wanted the person to remain a secret, for it seemed much more interesting if there was an unknown person who is so good he/she can slip away without people knowing. Time passed and at 16 he-still with his mischievous and deceptive personality mind you-decided to seek his fortune in the new town of Fernoia, the horrible memory almost completely forgotten. And the moment he left, the mysterious prankster from Lavaridge left as well...

Later after spending some time in Fernoia and getting his starter, he decided to later move on and go to Ichigo, the region which at first created fun memories, including hatching a Tynamo (Because I'm so creative and can figure out another way why he would have one), later caused another tragedy. Avery couldn't get treatment, and died. He broke, again, but couldn't heal from it this time. The once fun loving prankster completely changed for good. Because the Ralts died from battling, he chose not to battle or fight anymore, almost releasing Lucia as well, before he realized how much the Tynamo's loyalty to him was. After spending one more month in Ichigo, he did the exact thing he did before. He ran away from his grief, moving to the region of Sympho and got random jobs, until the voice of Meloetta rained down among the people. Unable to gain jobs other than a job as a trainer to protect the city, near starvation of both him and Lucia caused him to unwillingly take the job. Riley lived barely on the funds, until the Government found out about some trainers capturing and training, forcing him to go into the military. The many wars terrified him, for the fear of losing another Pokemon, but miraculously (or because he was to paranoid to let Lucia do anything that didn't have a 90% of working) he and Lucia survived the wars until the fact that S.I.L.P.H released the two from the war, not trusting his saviors to force him into another conflict, he fled again. His luck went down even further when he found out about S.E.E.K. who beat uncharted trainers, but was unwilling to give up Lucia at that point, nor wanted to join either team. He found out about becoming a breeder/supplier, which is apparently a more neutral option, and decided to join that, gaining money to support the two of them, and being able to keep the friend which had been with him through the best and the worst of times.
Extra: Brought over from Resurgance:
records minus Avery XD:
Character Type Normal
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PostSubject: Re: Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance!   Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 7:41 pm


Hope you have fun Sakura. And remember...

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Riley Sagato's Re-reappearance!
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