In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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Sun Set Swablu
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It seems SILPH has been messing around with changing pokemon...this swablu escaped the lab and is now wandering around in Route 1! It has not been causing Issues, but it seems scared and the person reporting it would like someone nice to catch the poor thing. It seems to know the move Morning Sun for some odd reason.
Restrictions: NEVER attack the pokemon EVER!
If you roll this pokemon, PLEASE notify the head admin, Kat

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 The Cheat Shop

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PostSubject: The Cheat Shop   The Cheat Shop Icon_minitimeSat Jul 06, 2013 3:36 am

This here, is The Cheat Shop. This here, is your best friend. Wonder why? Just take a gander at the items, and see for yourself. Without this shop you will not be able to proceed with your journey, and you WILL fail without this.


Item: Staff of Arceus
Description: One pokemon of your choice can never die, be affected by bites and is pretty much Immortal and will forever have the same disease it may have now. Item has a one time use before being warped back to the heavens, recommended to Nuzlocke users. In turn though, your pokemon is reduced to it's first stage and loses all of its moves and are replaced with level 5 moves as that is its new level. You'll have to train it back up!
Price: 25,000 poke

Item: Circlet of Cresselia
Description: Awaken your character from a dreadful nightmare! A character that has died/failed their journey can be revived, everything happening before was just a dream. They can restart their jorney afresh, with new friends and possibly a strange sense of deja vu may occur as a side effect.
Price: 15,000 poke

Item: Perish Call
Description: Your pokemon(only one) will hear the voice of Corrupted Meloetta's song and become corrupted themselves. They will lose their current plague and be infected with Corruption/Be changed into a TRANSFORMbot, gaining all advantages and disadvantages along with it.
Price: 50,000 poke

Item: Miracle Event
Description: Use this to call upon a miracle event! This revives a dead pokemon from the underworld and brings them back to the world of the living with the same plague as they had before.
Price: 4,000 poke

Item: Character Ticket
Description: Allows you to kill off or delete a current character(Or use an already dead character) to recieve a better start with a new character. Better start means getting a usually not available starter, start off with items besides 5 pokeballs and such. Ranges on how far your previous character got. You CAN reap off of an already dead character.
Price: 2,000 poke

Item: Capture Immunity
Description: Removes the one pokemon per route capture limit for nuzlocke characters. Useless to other characters.
Price: 15,000 poke

Item: Abnormal Character
Description: Your character was mutated or experimented on by SEEK or SILPH! Your character can be different from other characters and be something like a cyborg and such! ADMINS must look over your character before it is accepted when using this. Please don't be stupid and make sparkling vampires or anything absolutely ridiculous like a character with the ability to sprout 10 gyarados heads from their hands. Any character given idiotic abilities will be shot down instantly.
Price: 10,000

Item: Character Slots
Description: Gives a character an extra slot in active RP's, meaning they can have more than 5 with this item. Adds only one, can be bought multiple times but used once.
Price: 800 poke

Item: Extra Character
Description: Allows you to create another character.
Price: 1,000 poke

Item: Area Immunity
Description: Makes it so you're allowed to hop between the Regions without posting Traveling topics(saves time and effort)
Price: 5,000 poke

Item: Cult Blessing
Description: Your character starts his/her own cult! Cults have their own beliefs, gatherings, rituals, and even territory! Your character must have at least 4 stamps on their Trainer cards to create their Cults.
Price: 5,000 Poke
Custom Group Color: 500 Poke
Territory: 2,000 Poke (Subforum in one of the areas)

Item: Tag of Names
Description: Change your username once with this tag!
Price: 2000
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The Cheat Shop
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