In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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 Yuki Fannar means free slaps

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PostSubject: Yuki Fannar means free slaps   Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:54 pm

Name: Yuki Fannar
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Seeker
Personality: Yuki is hard-faced and cold-hearted, being an official use of a weapon. He rarely sees Pokemon as friends, mainly tools to use to achieve S.E.E.K.'s goals. Yuki mostly trusts no human outside the Seek elite, with some occasions on if he might not rely on certain chiefs. He observes quite a lot before acting, being a slight double edged sword as he often wastes valuable time for not listening to his gut, which is more or less correct. He hates failing missions, to the point of being an extremist or a workaholic.
Appearance: Yuki is a dark-haired individual, which people often associate with the darkest hour of the night. His stare is cold, expressionless, so much that they seem to have infected his eyes, which were once brown, have long turned to an empty gray. His skin is a pale peach color with a long jagged scar, a reminder of what happens when you oppose the Goverment, one which will never go away. Yuki likes wearing "casual clothing" mainly ones that allow him to move freely, and although he rarely uses it, always carries his S.E.E.K badge as required. Depending on the mission, he might carry a bag, for different tools.
History:Yuki was the child of a scientist mother and a mechanic father, later finding out he inherited the later's abilities. His life started out rather normally, but at the age of 7 everything changed when Meloetta's cry resounded around the reigon. His mother, working in the Labratory was brutally killed, reducing their income to barely manageable conditions. Surviving agains the odds for 3 more years, his father continued to fix things, which drew the attention of SEEK, causing a group of Agents to approach him with a deal, they wanted him to make Bots for the government. He refused, and enraged, one of the Agents killed him, and nearly did Yuki in, when one of the officers figured that he might turn into a tool someday, thus taking him in. At first, he refused to help the same people who killed his father, but after being threatened to be given to the same Agent who would surely kill him, he submitted and began to learn. 7 years later, he became only an emotionless tool, the memory of his parents long faded away, leaving only the scar as a memory on what and why they influenced his life.
Extra: If I go out of character with him, slap me and I'll change it. I want to learn how to get out of my comfort zone in rps ^_^
Character Type Nuzlocke
Pokemon Name: A1
Pokemon Level: 5
Pokemon Species: Snivy
Pokemon Move Set: Tackle, Tail Whip
Pokemon Ability: Overgrow
Pokemon Nature/Personality: A1 mimics his trainer often and nearly all the time, keeping his face "straight", trying not to show emotion and follow orders to the exact extent. However, he wishes for some acceptance by his trainer, some sort of feeling that whatever he does is right, causing him to start to do what his trainer thinks is "good". Even though he knows that they are both "weapons" he will live and die willingly for his trainer.
Pokemon Gender: Male
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki Fannar means free slaps   Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:19 pm

The clarification of reading the rules hasn't been performed correctly, but I get that you read them. xD


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Yuki Fannar means free slaps
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