In the walled area that is the remains of Sympho, plagues have broken out, walls have been built and trainers are hated. Will you serve the government, or be against it?
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It seems SILPH has been messing around with changing pokemon...this swablu escaped the lab and is now wandering around in Route 1! It has not been causing Issues, but it seems scared and the person reporting it would like someone nice to catch the poor thing. It seems to know the move Morning Sun for some odd reason.
Restrictions: NEVER attack the pokemon EVER!
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PostSubject: RULES --PLEASE READ--   RULES --PLEASE READ-- Icon_minitimeFri Jul 05, 2013 11:44 pm


May the Banhammer have mercy on your soul

>>No Flaming/Bullying<<
Flaming is being hostile towards and insulting other members. Sure they may have done something to anger you, but that doesn't give you the right to flame them. If you find that you can't hold yourself back, please move on to another topic or maybe take a break until you find that you have calmed down.

>>No Advertising<<
Advertising other sites outside of the advertisement board is BANNED. Do not advertise on the forum, in the Chatbox, or in your signature! Any links found leading to other rp sites will be removed.

>>No Spamming<<
Do not post useless nonsense on our forum or spam the Chat Box.

>>No Pornographic Images or Links<<
This is a PG-13+ site, but not R. Kids WILL be on this site.

>>No Power Playing<<
You cannot control other role-player's characters, AT ALL. You CAN however, spawn NPCs(Non-Player Characters) to assist in plots with the consent of your role-playing partner.

>>No God-Modding<<
Characters giving Mary and Gary Sue like qualities will be shot down faster than a newbie asking to be admin. All characters have a weakness, be it they're Selfish, arrogant, or paranoid.

>>Online Romances<<
Do not flirt with other members, this is a roleplay site not a dating service! You don't know who's on the other side of the screen, with technology today 42 year old adults can make themselves seem to be 16!

>>No Dual Accounts<<
Creating multiple accounts is BANNED. If you are caught with multiple accounts, one of your accounts will be deleted along with the characters with it. Having double accounts and tricking people to think your someone else is rude and insulting to others, DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT.

>>No Far Out Stories<<
Yes, people lie. People lie to make their stories seem more interesting or tweak it around a bit so people can't track them, but no Far Out stories. Do not claim to be abused, have mental illnesses, or claim to have done something completely outrageous. You could offend someone who really DOES have those issues.


Mark your topics with M if there is any violence in them ok? ;-)
Go nuts, seriously. This site is a NUZLOCKE site, there is going to be death, plagues, wars, and all kinds of gore and things not suited for people below the age of 13. Violence is tolerated.

Swearing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum. If we find you excessively swearing in your posts, you may be in for a warning.

Small romances are accepted, but anything beyond in banned. Smuts are FORBIDDEN and anyone found smutting will be instantly BANNED.

>>Don't Cheat the System<<
The system could easily be cheated by having your Pokémon never die, we ask that you do not do this as it is unlikely in this setting and ruins the challenge and fun in the game. Pokémon WILL die, but they can be revived through the Cheat Shop. If anyone is found cheating, report to the admins and we will take care of the issue.

>>First Characters must be 100% Human<<
You can buy special characters from the cheat shop to either change a current character or create a new characters to have a special quality, like being a vampire, werewolf, or mixed with a Pokémon(Gijinkas or Pokemorphs) ect.

<To have your character be accepted(any character AT ALL), place a hidden link using [url=Link here] Insert word here[  /url] in your character's name without the space. The link must lead to the rules page!>

>>Mental Illnesses on Characters<<
If someone has a character with a mental illness and you find that they are misinterpreting it, DO NOT demand that they tear down their character just because it offends you. Simply inform them that they may be misinterpreting it. If you plan on your character to have a mental illness, please RESEARCH it before you role-play it to avoid the situation.

>>Please Read the Information and Lore
The forum will make better sense if you read the lore. You will NOT know how to play unless you read the information threads, we ask that members please do not tell newer members how to play and please ask them to read the actual topic.

>>Do Not Jump Districts<<
Please do not jump districts, meaning suddenly go from district 3 to the core, if you want to go to another district please post a traveling thread. Mark them with a [T] to show others that you are just passing by and to not post in that topic.

>>No One Liners<<
Here we ask that you do not post one lined posts or anything below 100 words, this is to prevent people from getting cheap levels and poke.


For each rule you break you will receive an Offence, you have four offences before you get a permanent ban. Depending on the seriousness of the offence, you may skip some levels of offences and be given a fitting punishment
1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: All of every character's Pokémon are dropped by four levels.
3rd Offence: 1 week Ban
4th Offence: Permanent ban

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